Contested Divorce

While it is relatively easy to define and to explain an "uncontested" divorce, it is literally impossible to define a "contested" divorce. Thus, the only thing which may be said is: "If your case is not "uncontested," it is "contested."

In other words, if you and your spouse have agreed upon most, but not on all matters, your case is a "contested" case.

Once we have completed our initial consultation, and when we have determined that your case is "contested," we will refer you to another attorney that I have known for many years, a lawyer who has decades of experience in representing clients in all manners of "contested" cases, is a member of The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and who has been designated as one of Illinois's "SUPER LAWYERS" for many years running.

You should be aware that a "contested" divorce case is radically different from an "uncontested" case. A "contested" case is substantially more costly and, generally, takes substantially longer to resolve.