Joint Legal Custody / Sole Legal Custody

Effective as of January 1, 2016, a comprehensive modification and amendment to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act was effective.

One of the major changes was the complete abolition of the concept of "custody."

Effective on January 1, "custody" has been replaced by a new concept entitled the "ALLOCATION OF PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES."

Instead of the former concepts of "custody" and "visitation," you and your spouse will be required, as a part of your agreement, to agree on the major issues:

                   A. On what days and hours will the child/children be in the "possession" of each parent. This will include normal weekdays and weekends, holidays and vacations; and

                   B. The important decisions involved in parenting, including "education issues," "health issues," religious issues" and "extracurricular issues" will have to be allocated between the parents.

Finally, a written "Parental Responsibility Agreement" will have to be developed by the parents (with my assistance) and it will be incorporated into the final Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage.